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Permit Costs and Scale Locations 
Applications for NSC or extension of hour forms can be found here.

Commercial vehicle operators requiring registration, fuel-tax, over-weight, and over-dimensional permits in the Northwest Territories may purchase them through a toll-free 24 hour per day phone number from anywhere in North America. Call 1-877-737-7786. You can also send a fax to 1-877-795-4405 or email at

The purchase of over-weight and over-dimensional permits through this 24 hour service is limited to those who meet the following criteria:

  •   Width permits (not to exceed 6.7 m).
  •   Over-weight permits (not to exceed 80,000 kg).
  •   Over-height permits (not to exceed 5.2 m).
  •    Length permits (not to exceed 35 m).

For the sale of permits that exceed these parameters, contact the Enterprise Weigh Scale (867-984-3341) or the Inuvik Weigh Scale (867-777-7283).
A $15.00 service fee plus GST will be added to all registration, over-dimensional, and over-weight permits. Fuel tax permits are not subject to a service fee. 
Effective April 1, 2011 service fee costs will increase to $15.75 plus GST.
For more information regarding this notice, please contact Harris Beaulieu at 867-920-8015 or either weight scale above.

Prices for Commercial Carrier Permits




$9.00 X distance divided by 100 X over-weight divided by 1000

Extended Length       






Pole Truck


Fuel Tax

8.5 cents for every kilometre driven in the NWT


- $80.00 up to 2500 kg GVWR
- $80.00 plus $11.00 for every 500 kg or     
   portion of  500 kg over 2500 kg, up to
   5000 kg GVWR
- $80.00 plus $32.00 for every 1000 kg or
   portion of 1000 kg over 5000 kg GVWR


Effective April 1, 2011:
- $84.00 up to 2500 kg GVWR
- $84.00 plus $11.55 for every 500 kg or portion of  500 kg over 2500 kg, up to 5000 kg GVWR
- $84.00 plus $33.00 for every 1000 kg or portion of 1000 kg over 5000 kg GVWR


 *all prices in Canadian dollars

NWT Scale Locations

From Alberta on Highway 1 -

This scale is located in the settlement of Enterprise, 84 kilometres from the NWT/Alberta border.

Enterprise Weigh Scale
76 Capital Drive, Suite 201
Hay River NT  X0E 1G2
PH: (867) 984-3341
FX: (867) 984-3401

From the Yukon on Highway 8 - 
This scale is located 6 kilometres south of the town of Inuvik.
Inuvik Weigh Scale
P.O. Box 2038
Inuvik NT  X0E 0T0                   
PH: (867) 777-7283
FX: (867) 777-4265

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