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Vehicle Registration

General Information

No vehicle may be registered in the NWT that does not conform to the Motor Vehicle Equipment Regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act. Among the requirements of the Regulations is that your vehicle must conform to the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS).

For a complete list of issuing offices in the NWT,
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Registering a new vehicle - what you need:
  • Valid insurance for your new vehicle.
  • Proof of residency 
  • The New Vehicle Information Statement form. Your dealer is required by law to give you this form.
  • The bill of sale or leasing agreement

      Renewing your Registration
      • Commercial and public service vehicle registrations expire at various three to twelve month intervals. Check your registration to confirm expiry date.
      • Prior to going to a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Issuing Office, prepare yourself. Be sure to bring your current registration and proof of insurance. Ensure your vehicle insurance is valid and the vehicle information and name(s) that appear are the same on all documents. Being prepared will assist us in providing you with quick and accurate service.

      Transferral of Ownership - What you need:

      To register a vehicle which you have purchased from another person, you will need:

    • Valid insurance for your new vehicle

    • Proof of residency

    • The old registration signed over to you

    • The Bill of Sale.



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