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Deh Cho Bridge 
The Government of the Northwest Territories is building a cablestay bridge to span the Mackenzie River near Fort Providence.The bridge will replace the operations of the Merv Hardie Ferry and the Mackenzie River Ice Crossing currently at that location.

Construction on the Deh Cho Bridge, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2012, is now more than 90% complete, and Phase II construction (superstructure) is now underway. The revised construction budget for the Bridge is $192 million.

The most current information on the Deh Cho Bridge project can be found at
The bridge will be financed by the savings from the elimination of the ferry and ice bridge operation, $2 million annually (inflating) from the Government of Northwest Territories, and a toll on commercial vehicles crossing the bridge. Passenger vehicles will not be charged a toll.

Information about the Deh Cho Bridge can be found in a number of documents, which follow:

Deh Cho Bridge Technical Briefing (March 2010)
Technical Briefing Presentation (July 28 2009)
Concession Agreement and Schedules
News Release
Updated Cost Benefit Analysis (December 2007)
Brochure (June 2007)
PROLOG updated Commercial Vehicle Traffic Forecast (July 2006)
DM Presentation Public Hearing (October 21, 2004)
IBI Report Tolls Traffic Count (September 2004)
Nichols Benefit Cost Analysis Update (February 2003)
Nichols Aboriginal Impact Report (February 2003)
Memorandum of Intent (November 2002)
Fact Sheet (November 2002)
Nichols Benefit Cost Analysis (September 2002)
PROLOG Commercial Vehicle Traffic Forecast (September 2002)

Click here for a link to documents that are part of the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Review Board's public registry related to their review of the Deh Cho Bridge project.

Bridge prep work spring 08           Causeway work 061608 

View from water 061608               Construction 061608

Crane work June 30 2008        Temporary bridge June 30 2008
Crane work 063008                     Temporary bridge 063008

Bridge construction July 15 2008        Crane work July 15 2008
Bridge construction 071508          Temporary bridge 071508

Deh Cho Bridge pylon 071508        
Cofferdam construction 071508     Barge work 080708

Temporary bridge 080708            Crane work 080708

Aerial view 082508                        Cofferdams 082508

Crane operations 091108. Photo: Peter Buell         Work on piers 091108.  Photo: Peter Buell
Crane operations 091108              Work on piers 091108

Cofferdam 091108                        View from ferry 102708

Crane Work 102708                    Work tug 102708

Temporary Bridge 102708            Work on Pier Bents 112008

Temp Bridge Deck 120208            Superstructure 120208

Merv Hardie Ferry seen from temporary bridge deck 120208


Pier Bent rising from river. Photo: Steve Loutitt

Removing Temporary Bridge. Photo Courtesy Atcon Construction

South Pier Bents Apr 23 09. Photo courtesy Atcon

South foundation works April 21 2009. Photo courtesy Atcon

Removing temporary bridge April 21 2009. 
Photo courtesy Atcon

Piers 3 and 4 south side April 21, 2009
Photo courtesy Atcon

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