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Winter and Ice Roads Information 
Winter and Ice Roads Information
  The Northwest Territories has a unique transportation system composed of paved highways, gravel highways, ferries, and winter / ice roads.

The TV series "Ice Road Truckers" has drawn international attention to the NWT's 1400 kilometres of winter roads, ice roads, and ice crossings.
For the most current status of winter roads, ice roads, and ice crossings, please consult the information on the Road Conditions page.

To locate information on average opening and closing dates for the winter and ice roads in the NWT, please
click here

For a map of the winter road systems in the NWT,
please click here.

NOTICE:  Driving on a public winter or ice road or ice crossing when it is closed or before its official opening is a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, with a significant fine. For your safety AND your pocketbook, remain off all roads and crossings on the winter road system unless they are officially open to your class of vehicle.

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