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The MV Lafferty (Liard River) on Highway 1 to Fort Simpson and the MV Johhny Berens (Mackenzie River) Ferry are now closed for the season due to ice conditions. Thank you for a safe season. 

Le traversier MV Johnny Berens (fleuve Mackenzie) et le traversier MV Lafferty (rivière Liard) sur la route 1 à Fort Simpson n’est maintenant plus en service pour la saison à cause de la présence de glace. Merci de nous avoir aidés à ce que la dernière saison se déroule en toute sécurité.

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The Department of Transportation will enforce these load allowances in order to best protect and preserve the NWT Highway System, see detailed listings below. 

Note: All NWT Highways are set to operate under 100% legal axle weight except for those listed below. 

Special Advisory Notice for 75% Legal Axle Weight:
These highway sections are set at 75% of the legal axle weight until further notice:

          -Hwy 4     Km 0 to Km 69

Note: The Department continues to monitor the situation on a daily basis. Highways may be reduced to a lower load allowance on short notice.

Highway System Information:
Please verify that your vehicle configuration conforms with the loading allowed under the registration documents and to the “Large Vehicle Control Regulations” available at:

The Department of Transportation will continue to monitor highway conditions, traffic flows and transportation issues for all regulations and other restrictions in order to best protect and preserve our vital Transportation Infrastructure.

Any changes to the Allowable Legal Axle Weight Percentages will be announced 48 hours in advance by the Department on the Public Highway Information Service available toll free at: 1-800-661-0750.  Or on the internet at:

Issued: Friday July 8rd, 2015 

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