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These Travel Alerts provide general information only. For more detailed information, please visit our Road Conditions page, or call 1-800-661-0750. You can also visit our Ferry information page and our Winter and Ice Road information page.

Information on Yukon's highway system, including Yukon's portion of the Dempster Highway, can be found here.


The Department of Transportation is undertaking scheduled maintenance of the Deh Cho Bridge. Lane restrictions and bridge closures will take effect as per the following schedule.

1) Lane Restrictions: Deh Cho Bridge will be reduced to a single lane from Monday April 28th to Sunday May 4th 2014.

Traffic control personnel will be deployed. Please obey all signs and signals.

2) Bridge Nighttime Closures: Deh Cho bridge will be closed to all traffic for the following periods:

Start Time

End Time


22:00 hours Tuesday April 29, 2014

05:00 hours Wednesday April 30, 2014


22:00 hours Thursday May 1, 2014

05:00 Friday May 2, 2014

The reduced speed limits in the work zone will be strictly enforced. Speed fines are doubled in the construction zone.

Highways Road Bans Alert and Winter Load Tolerances Update
UPDATE EFFECTIVE Tuesday April 15th, 2014 at 1200 hours



The Department of Transportation has UPDATED the Winter Load Tolerances (WLT) on all NWT highways.

The Winter Load Tolerances (WLT) will cease to be in effect commencing Tuesday Apr 15th, 2014 at 1200 hours.

The Department of Transportation is closely monitoring the road surface conditions to carefully manage the expected reduction in the load bearing capacity due to the approaching spring thaw season. The saturated road structure may warrant the application of road bans and load restrictions on the NWT highway system. We anticipate that the restrictions may affect all the Regions.

The Department of Transportation will continue to monitor the spring thaw and anticipates further updates on seasonal load allowances with possible changes on or about April 22nd, 2014

Dehcho Winter Road 

The Liard and Ndulee ice crossing will close these crossings for the season at 12 noon on April 24, 2014. 


- Km. 55.7 Hwy 5 Buffalo River Bridge posted single lane bridge with speed reduced to 40 km/h for legal loading. Yield to oncoming traffic.
- Km. 2.2 Hwy 5 Hay River to Pine Point Bridge posted at 40 km/h for legal loading
- Km. 243.8 Hwy 3 Frank Channel Bridge posted at 40 km/h for legal loading.

- Work crews and equipment are present - obey all signs and signals.


- Km. 521.7 Hwy 1 - Culvert Replacement. Detour in place
- Km. 211.5 Hwy 7 - single lane bridge in place. Yield to oncoming traffic

REMEMBER, speed fines double in construction zones.

Highway System Information:

Please verify that your vehicle configuration conforms with the loading allowed under the registration documents and to the Large Vehicle Control Regulations”.

The Department of Transportation will continue to monitor highway conditions, traffic flows and transportation issues for all regulations and other restrictions in order to best protect and preserve our vital Transportation Infrastructure.  Any updates to the allowable loads, if required will be announced by the Department on the Public Highway Information Service available toll free at: 1-800-661-0750.

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