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  New rules have taken effect for travellers entering the United States through land crossings or sea ports. A government-issued photo ID (for NWT residents, a Drivers Licence or General Identification Card) and proof of citizenship (eg: birth certificate, certificate of citizenship) is required. A passport meets both requirements. Requirements for air travellers (presentation of a passport or other secure document) are unchanged. Please click here for more information.

Effective June 1, 2009, the rules will change again. An NWT Drivers Licence or General Identification Card will no longer be acceptable identification for crossing the U.S. border. The only options for NWT residents will be to present a 
passport or a NEXUS or FAST trusted traveler program card. The rules are less stringent for travellers who are under 16, who will be able to enter with an original or copy of their birth certificate, a naturalization certificate, or a citizenship card. Holders of an Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) Status photo ID card can use their card for entry until June 1, 2009. Thereafter, this card will no longer meet the identification requirements, but INAC plans to issue a new ID card called the Secure Certificate of Indian Status card by that date and, if it is designated as acceptable for cross-border identification by the U.S. government, it will be accepted. For more information, please consult the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative website. You can also visit the Canada Border Services Agency website, which contains detailed information and background on the WHTI.

NWT travellers who may wish to enter the U.S. on or after June 1, 2009 are advised to apply as soon as possible for one of the accepted forms of identification. 
  Air travellers travelling within Canada must meet Transport Canada requirements for identification. Usually, these requirements can be satisfied with a government-issued photo identification card such as a Drivers LicenceGeneral Identification Card, or passport. Otherwise, two pieces of government-issued identification, at least one of which contains the person's correct name, date of birth, and place of birth (such as a birth certificate), is required. The name on the identification must be the same as the name on the boarding pass. These requirements have been waived for those under 18 until September 30, 2008 pending consultations. However, airlines may still require photo identification for any traveller, and a passport is still essential if you are crossing international borders. Photo identification can also speed your check-in at the airport. Please plan ahead - remember, General Identification Cards cannot be issued on the same day.


passport remains the preferred travel document for international travel and for domestic air travel. For those who have difficulty accessing a Service Canada centre, Passport Canada has launched a passport on-line service to allow Canadians 16 and older living in Canada to fill in the adult passport application electronically. This service requires that you first register with epass Canada. If you already have a passport, remember to check its expiry date to ensure it will still be valid when you return.

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