Corridors for Canada

Strategic investments advance GNWT priorities for social growth and economic prosperity in all regions of the Northwest Territories. Transportation infrastructure is essential for enabling economic development, fostering prosperity, and social growth.

In March 2013, Canada announced details of its infrastructure investment strategy that includes a new Building Canada Fund. This fund will provide our territory with opportunities to complement previous infrastructure funding agreements that led to significant improvements in NWT transportation infrastructure.

Since 2002, the Government of the Northwest Territories has made significant investments in transportation infrastructure facilitated through two successful funding proposals to the federal government, Corridors for Canada I and Corridors for Canada II.

Corridors for Canada III – Building for Prosperity is the Department of Transportation’s strategic plan to invest $600 million over ten years to improve our winter roads, highways, bridges, marine and airport infrastructure. This action plan will address transportation infrastructure needs identified across all regions of the Northwest Territories with investments proposed under two separate components of the new Building Canada Fund: the $10 billion Provincial - Territorial Infrastructure Fund and the $4 Billion National Infrastructure Fund.

The objective of Corridors for Canada III is to continue working with Canada to concentrate on territorial, regional, and local transportation infrastructure priorities that lead to jobs, economic growth, and prosperous communities in the Northwest Territories.