Our Approach 

We are committed to strengthening our relationships with Aboriginal and other northern governments, to working with our partners to ensure responsible stewardship through our land and resource management regime, and to supporting a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable economic development and mining strategy with strategic infrastructure investments.

In developing and implementing plans, we are committed to being open, flexible, and responsive in working with the diverse governance structures of regional Aboriginal governments and in understanding the unique interests and challenges of each region and community. By sharing information and knowledge with Aboriginal governments, we help build capacity within Aboriginal governments and at the community level. This model has been recognized nationally as a model for best practices in Aboriginal consultation and engagement.

The health of the environment continues to be a focus of our attention and we foster a corporate culture of excellence in environmental stewardship. Efforts range from implementing operational improvements for greater energy efficiencies and reduced fuel consumption to advanced climate change research. Such environmental initiatives will be central to realizing our long-term environmental stewardship objectives.

The Department is subject to an increase in regulatory requirements aimed at protecting the environment and ensuring public safety within the transportation system. In addition to territorial standards, we comply with federal transportation safety, security, and environmental regulations.