Slave Geological Province Access Corridor

The NWT’s Slave Geologic Province is one of the most promising mining regions in Canada. The area includes a number of gold, diamond, base metal, and rare-earth mineral deposits in various stages of development from exploration to operating mines.

Private winter roads through the corridor are constructed and maintained each year, but climate change has made the winter road season shorter and less reliable. The existing 500-600 km Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road connects three operating diamond mines: Snap Lake (DeBeers Canada Inc.), Diavik (Rio Tinto and Harry Winston Diamond Corp.), and EKATI (BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc.). The winter road traverses numerous water bodies and is highly vulnerable to climatic conditions. It provides land access to remote mining and exploration sites that are otherwise accessible only by air.

Research into the development of a 156km Seasonal Overland Road to replace the southern section of the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road is underway. This road would be less affected by climate change, increase the length of the driving season by approximately 30 days, and provide greater stability for land access to this mineral-rich region.

Information about this project is available in the Documents section.

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