Community Access Program

The Community Access Program (CAP) provides financial contributions and technical assistance to rural and remote communities for the construction and maintenance of access roads and local marine facilities.

All communities in the NWT are encouraged to apply for program funding for construction projects that meet the following community needs:

  1. Access roads to hunting, fishing, wood harvesting, and community recreational areas.
  2. Trails connecting to the community for walking, hiking, recreational and traditional activities (camps, archaeological sites).
  3. Docks and wharfs to support boating and marine activities, as well as harvesting (including fishing and hunting) and recreational uses.
  4. Winter access to granular sources.

The program is application‐based and funding is allocated according to the merit of a project proposal and level of community support received. Project proposals are accepted year-round and must be supported by community leadership.

The following is a guide to the information required when submitting a proposal to the Department of Transportation requesting contribution funding from the Community Access Program. The Department will evaluate proposals based on the information provided. Application requirements are listed here

If a proposal meets CAP requirements and is approved, but insufficient budget monies remain in a particular fiscal year to proceed, the proposal is deferred forward to the next fiscal year.

To apply, please contact your Regional Superintendent and submit a project proposal.

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The Government of Canada established and operated the Community Access Program until the mid-1980s, when they transferred it to the Government of the Northwest Territories. Nunavut and a number of Canadian provinces operate similar Community Access Programs.

In 2010, in response to the fast-growing popularity of the Program, DOT’s CAP budget was increased to a new and much higher level of $1 million annually. This was to help ensure that all communities across the NWT had access to funding contributions under the Program, particularly rural and remote communities.

Project proposals are accepted year-round and should be supported by community leadership.