Deh Cho Bridge 


  • On September 28, 2007, the Minister of Transportation signed a Concession Agreement with the Deh Cho Bridge Corporation (DCBC) to design, construct, finance, and operate a cablestay bridge across the Mackenzie River near Fort Providence on NWT Highway 3.
  • Spanning 1.045 kilometres, the Deh Cho Bridge replaced the operations of the Merv Hardie ferry (summer) and the Mackenzie River Ice Crossing (winter) of highway 3 near Fort Providence. Upon completion, the bridge eliminated lengthy and uncertain disruptions during winter freeze-up and in the spring during break-up.


  • The expected construction cost of the Bridge is $182 million. The bridge is being financed by the savings from the elimination of the ferry and ice bridge operation, $2 million annually (inflating) from the GNWT, and a toll on commercial vehicles crossing the bridge. Passenger vehicles will not be charged a toll.


  • The Deh Cho Bridge is a valuable economic development and infrastructure project that will benefit the residents of the NWT for many decades to come.  During construction, the project provided economic opportunities, such as employment for many NWT residents. 
  • Businesses and residents of the North Slave Region benefit from the long-term advantages of having a fixed bridge which are expected to exceed the cost of the commercial toll.  Potential investors are more likely to consider a future in a region with a reliable and permanent transportation system.  
  • A more efficient trucking system reduces the costs for businesses, industries and individuals in the North Slave Region.
  • Commercial carriers will be able to operate their fleets year-round, without interruptions in the spring and fall.  
  • The bridge has reduced maintenance demands compared to the existing ferry and ice crossings, and poses few environmental and safety risks.