Deh Cho Bridge Tolling 

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All northbound commercial vehicles over 4,500 kg crossing the Deh Cho Bridge will be subject to a toll. Compliance will be monitored through on-road patrols and an electronic toll monitoring system, which will include high-resolution cameras for capturing images of all bridge traffic.There are two payment methods:

  1. Single-use Toll Permits 
    Single-use toll permits must be purchased prior to crossing the bridge. Permits can be purchased by contacting the permit center by either sending an email to the permit center  or by calling toll-free 1 (877) 737-7786 

  2. Monthly Payment Remittance 
    Carriers have the option of applying to use the monthly remittance method instead of purchasing single-use toll permits in advance. The benefits of the remittance method are numerous. By remitting a single payment for all crossings in a given month, accounting and payment procedures will be simplified. Further, remittance users will enjoy considerable savings compared to purchasers of single-use toll permits.

The fee structure is as follows: 


Current Rate

 New Toll Rate

Toll A Remitted



Toll B Remitted



Toll C Remitted



Toll D Remitted



Toll A Purchased



Toll B Purchased



Toll C Purchased



Toll D Purchased



Refund Request



To apply, complete the Remittance Application  in full and return to the Department of Transportation. Once an application is approved, carriers using the monthly remittance method must report all northbound trips.

Approved carriers must also register and install an approved transponder in every vehicle crossing the bridge. Transponders must be obtained from International Road Dynamics (IRD) by calling toll-free at 1 (866) 903-0333 or by email to Transponder.

Remittance Applications can be sent by e-mail to Toll Admin  or by mail to:

Remittance Agreement Finance Office  

Department of Transportation - South Slave Region 
Suite 201 - 76 Capital Drive 
Hay River, NT X0E 1G2

Questions regarding the Remittance Agreement or general remittance procedures may be directed to toll admin.

 1 877 737-7786  (Phone)
 1 877 795-4405  (Fax)
 1 867 984-3341  Enterprise
 1 867 777-7283  Inuvik
 1 888 803-8773
 1 867 874-5000  Hay River
 1 877 444-4473