NWT Highway System

  • The NWT highway system includes 3,835 km of all-weather highway and winter roads, four ferry and ice crossings, and over 300 bridges and major structures.
  • It is a critical link between remote northern communities, connecting northerners to each other and delivering essential freight. The safe, secure, accessible and reliable movement of people and goods supports northern needs and goals.
  • Highway construction and maintenance are significant economic drivers. Tens of millions of dollars are invested in every region every year, creating jobs and business opportunities. Northerners, industry, and tourists depend on highways to move around safely, securely, and reliably.
  • NWT highways are continuously maintained and are normally passable in all weather conditions. Check conditions and have a travel plan before heading out.
  • Free ferry services are provided on Highway 1 and Highway 8. Ice bridges provide safe crossings in the winter. In the spring and fall, crossing service may be interrupted for several weeks at a time.
  • Winter access roads are open only in winter. Some of them are privately operated and maintained, and offer no services, even emergency services. Use these roads at your own risk.