Load Allowances

Updated on April 11th, 2017.

2. SPECIAL ADVISORY: Buffalo River Bridge (Revised)
3. SPECIAL ADVISORY: Frank Channel Bridge (Revised)


The ‘winter load tolerance’ allowance gives the trucking industry the opportunity to increase load capacity by 500 kg per axle not including steering axles.  This allowance does not permit for any accumulative overweight on: A-train, B-train, C-train or Super B-train truck and trailer configurations.  The table below gives estimates for the winter load tolerances.

These load allowances will be enforced to best protect and preserve the NWT highway system. DOT will continue to monitor the highways and will further update on seasonal load allowances.

Single Axle Straight Truck 16,400 16,900 Hwy 1 Km 0 – Km 690 (excluding Liard & Mackenzie River Crossings)
Tandem Axle Straight Truck 24,300 25,300 Hwy 2 Km 0-49
Tridem Axle Straight Truck 31,300 32,800 Hwy 3 Km 0-338
Straight Truck Combination Full Trailer 53,500 57,000 Hwy 4 Km 0-69
Tandem Axle Semi-Trailer/Truck Tractor 39,500 41,500 Hwy 5 Km 0-266
Tridem Axle Semi-Trailer/Truck Tractor 46,500 49,000 Hwy 6 Km 0-90
A-Train Truck and Trailer 53,500 53,500 Hwy 7 Km 0-254
B-Train Truck and Trailer Combinations 63,500 63,500 Hwy 8 Km 0-272.5
C-Train Truck and Trailer Combinations 58,500 58,500

The Department of Infrastructure has UPDATED the seasonal load allowances on selected highway sections commencing on Monday, May 1st, 2017 at 00:00 hours.  The Department of Infrastructure will enforce these load allowances in order to best protect and preserve the NWT Highway System, see detailed listings below.


General Notice of 100% Legal Axle Weight

These highway sections are set at 100% of the legal axle weight and until further notice

Special Advisory Notice for 90% Legal Axle Weight

These highway sections are set at 90% of the legal axle weight until further notice

Special Advisory Notice for 75% Legal Axle Weight

These highway sections are set at 90% of the legal axle weight until further notice

Highway 1

Km 0 – Km 188


 Km 188 – Km 690

Highway 2

Km 0 – Km 49



Highway 3

Km 0 – Km 338



Highway 4



Km 0 – Km 69

Highway 5


Km 0 – Km 266


Highway 6


Km 0 - Km 90


Highway 7



Km 0 - Km 254

Highway 8

Km 0 – Km 272.5



These Access roads are set at 75% of the legal axleweight until further notice:

  •  Kakisa Access          Km 0 – Km 12.9
  •  Hay River Access     Km 0 – Km 14.9

2. SPECIAL ADVISORY:Buffalo River Bridge - Revised

The Buffalo River Bridge, which is located on Highway 5 at km 55.7, is undergoing rehabilitation.

During construction from April 3rd to October 31th 2017, there will be intermittent road closures for up to 30 minutes. Please observe the reduced speed limits within the construction zone, where speed fines are double.

Vehicles exceeding the width or height restriction will need a pre-approval.

November 18, 2016 to April 2, 2017 April 3, 2017 to October 31, 2017
  • Single lane (Up to 4.0 meters wide, 5.1 meters high allowed)
  • Permit vehicles will be assessed
  • Single lane (Up to 3.1 meters wide, 4.2 meters high allowed)
  • Lanes will be alternating
  • No wide loads will be allowed
  • No overweight loads allowed

3. SPECIAL ADVISORY:Frank Channel Bridge - Revised

The Department of Transportation is currently contemplating various options for upgrading the Frank Channel Bridge in order to meet current and projected traffic loads.

At this point in time we do not envision any major restrictions on the bridge for 2017. The current legal weight and dimension limits remain in effect.

Department will advise all carriers and the public of any restrictions well in advance.

For more information: Call the “On-line Services” helpline at 1-866-225-3505 Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or leave a message, or visit our website


Please verify that your vehicle configuration conforms with the loading allowed under the registration documents and to the “Large Vehicle Control Regulations” available here.

Any changes to the Allowable Legal Axle Weight Percentages will be announced 48 hours in advance by the Department on the Public Highway Information Service available toll free at: 1-800-661-0750.