Driver Training

One of the best ways drivers can reduce their risk of collision and injury is to take driver training. There are numerous advantages to taking a driver training course taught by a qualified instructor: 

  • Reinforce good knowledge and practices
  • Correct misinformation and bad practices
  • Provide hands-on experience so that the driver can be both proactive (reduce the risk of collision) and reactive (act appropriately when a collision seems imminent)
  • Discounts for auto insurance for newly licensed drivers
  • You may be eligible for a reduction in your demerit points

What to look for in a qualified instructor:

  • Experience
  • Training as a driver instructor
  • Ability to provide information in plain language
  • Acceptance of the training for insurance company discounts
  • Talk to previous students - what can they tell you about how their driving improved as a result of taking the course?

Look in the Yellow Pages™ under Driving Schools.