The Road Licensing and Safety Program protects public safety, highway infrastructure, and the environment by supporting the safe operation of motor vehicles in the Northwest Territories. The Department is responsible for the testing, registration and inspection of all drivers and vehicles that use the Territorial transportation network. We establish and enforce the Acts, Regulations and Safety Codes that apply to drivers and motor vehicles—including commercial motor carriers—throughout the Territory. The Department also administers the All-Terrain Vehicles Act, which delegates authority to municipalities to enact bylaws related to all-terrain vehicles.

Regional offices throughout the Territory licence vehicles and drivers. Commercial vehicle enforcement is undertaken through three permanent weigh scales located at Enterprise on the Mackenzie Highway, near Fort Liard on the Liard Highway, and near Inuvik on the Dempster Highway.

The Department operates a mobile weigh scale and inspection unit, and enforcement officers patrol throughout the territory. Over the past few years, RL&S has rolled out a number of road safety initiatives, including the Graduated Drivers Licence Program and STRID, the Strategy to Reduce Impaired Driving. Under STRID, amendments were made to the Motor Vehicles Act to allow the Registrar to take administrative actions against impaired drivers, as well as establishing the legislative authority to implement an ignition interlock system in the NWT.

Administrative License Suspensions (PDF)