Sober driving 

  • Be proactive when planning a social occasion as a guest or as a host to ensure everyone's safety. One of the best ways to do so is to ensure there are enough designated drivers to get everyone home safely.
  • Don't travel in a vehicle, snowmobile or other means of transportation with a driver whose judgment is impaired.
  • Be prepared to call the police when they know someone is driving while their judgment is impaired, to save the life of that person and everyone who uses the road with them.
  • RCMP members enforce impaired driving laws throughout the year. In cooperation with municipal enforcement officers and other enforcement agencies, they administer the Check Stop program in the NWT. Don't let your friend or family member get caught driving while impaired. Or worse, don’t let them get killed or seriously injured – or kill or seriously others – while driving home from a social event.
  • And don't drive if your own judgment is impaired by alcohol or drugs. It's never worth the risk to yourself and others. 
Designated driving tips 
Plan ahead                                                                                              When you know you're going to be drinking socially, plan ahead to decide whether you will be using a Designated Driver or another safe means of transportation. Know ahead of time who will be that Designated Driver. It's not a decision to leave to the last minute.  
Be reasonable  If you are consuming alcohol, be reasonable in your expectations of them. Don't expect them to stay out all night. Next time, take your turn as designated driver!
Appreciate your designated drive  Appreciate your designated driver - they may be saving your life!
Ensure you have options Ensure you have options of non-alcoholic beverages are available at social gatherings.