Local Issuing Office

Prior to issuing a certificate of registration and licence plate for a private vehicle, the client must present to the Issuing Agent:

  1. Acceptable identification.  
    Any of the following documents containing both “legal name and date of birth” and “photo ID” identified here may be used.

  2. A bill of sale
    Please note, if the person listed as the seller on the bill of sale is not the last registered owner of the vehicle, the previous Certificate of Registration for the vehicle must be provided.

  3. Proof of valid insurance
    Please note, jointly owned vehicles must have both names covered under insurance, however only one of the owners listed must be present at the time of issuance

If the vehicle is new, a copy of the New Vehicle Information Statement Card (NVIS) is also requested.  

Please note, a waiver is required from the registered owner if a third party is registering a vehicle on behalf of the owner.

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Elimination of Validation Stickers

Question:  Why has the Department eliminated the use of the vehicle registration stickers (val tags)?
Issuing validation stickers is costly and time consuming.  Of note, the management of sticker inventory and the mailing out of stickers is required on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  According to an estimate prepared by the Department in 2013, approximately was spent $22,250 per year on validation stickers.  This cost estimate does not include the amounts required for account management and shipping costs between issuing sites and the Road Licensing and Safety Headquarters in Yellowknife.
Question:  Will the elimination of validation stickers result in unnecessary pullovers and increased random vehicle inspections?
There is no reason to believe that the elimination of the validation stickers will result in unnecessary vehicle stops and inspections by enforcement.  Under the MVA, an officer does have the authority to direct a person who is operating a vehicle to stop and park the vehicle to determine if the person operating the vehicle, as well as the vehicle and its equipment, complies with the requirements of the MVA and its regulations.
Law enforcement representatives who are responsible for enforcing the MVA and its regulations have immediate access to a database system that allows them to determine whether the registration of a vehicle is valid. 
Question:  If I am unable to check my licence plate for the expiration date of my vehicle registration, how will I remember when it is time to renew my vehicle registration?
The onus is on the driver and owner of the motor vehicle to ensure they comply with all rules of the road.   Drivers can subscribe for email reminders about the need to renew their vehicle registration through the Department of Transportation’s e-Notification service.  As part of this service, drivers can also sign up to receive reminders about a soon expiring driver’s licence/general identification card, about an upcoming driver examination, or the need to renew a driver medical.  Commercial carriers can also subscribe to receive alerts by email.