Medical Requirments 

Holders of an NWT Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 Drivers Licence must submit an NWT Driver's Medical Examination Report

  • upon initial application
  • every five years until age 45
  • from age 45 to 65, every three years
  • after age 65, every year

Holders of an NWT Class 5, 6, or 7 Drivers Licence must submit an NWT Driver's Medical Examination Report

  • at age 75
  • at age 80
  • after age 80, every two years

Medical reports may be required on a more frequent basis. The Registrar may require a medical report where a person has an identified medical concern that may restrict the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Only an NWT Driver's Medical Examination Report form, completed by an NWT medical practitioner after a medical examination in the Northwest Territories, will be accepted by the Registrar. The examination may be conducted by a Nurse Practitioner or, in a community where there is no medical practitioner, by a Nurse registered under the NWT Nursing Profession Act.

It is the responsibility of the medical clinics to forward the completed form to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles by either fax or mail.  The client, however, also has the option of bringing the completed form directly to the Road Licencing and Safety Division in Yellowknife for processing.

It takes approximately five working days to process the NWT Driver's Medical Examination Report. All medical information submitted to the Road Licensing and Safety Division is treated as confidential.

All fees incurred are the responsibility of the applicant.

Your responsibilities

If a medical professional has advised you that your medical condition or medications will affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle, do not drive.

You are responsible for ensuring that you meet medical report requirements due to age or the expiry of a previous medical report. You will be informed by regular mail when your medical report is to expire. Failure to comply with any requirement to renew or submit a medical report form will eventually result in the suspension of your Drivers Licence.

If you are upgrading to a higher class of Drivers Licence, a new medical report will be required, even if your previous medical report has not yet expired. Those who wish to change their class of Licence back to one previously held must meet the same medical report requirements as a new applicant. 

Those who are downgrading to a lower class of Licence may still be required to submit a medical report because of an age requirement, a medical restriction (MR), or a pre-existing medical condition that has the potential to affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

As there are different medical requirements for each specific class of Licence, each medical will be assessed only for the Licence class requested in the application.

Your driving privileges will be medically suspended if any of the following occur:

  • An impairing condition, where your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle is in question
  • Failure to comply with follow-up requirements requested by the Road Licensing and Safety Division
  • You do not provide a medical report as required.

Booking knowledge or practical road tests

An NWT Driver's Medical Examination Report is only valid for six months from the date completed. If you require a written knowledge and/or a practical road test, you must book the examination within six months or you will have to undergo another medical examination.