On Sunday, May 15, 2016 that the Department of Transportation officially launched its Commercial Online Permitting Services .  The new service enables commercial carriers to purchase commercial registration permits online.  There is a three month transition period in which the current permit provider, 24/7 Permitting, will continue to provide online assistance and sell permits.  After this period, commercial carriers will have the option of either entering into a business relationship with the permit centre of their choosing, or purchase permits online on their own.

Fee Payment Information 

The Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Officers will require a valid permit number at road side when carriers are inspected for compliance.  24/7 Permitting Ltd., the company contracted to provide this service, will issue a permit number for each commercial permit issued. The permit number will be issued to the individual who has requested the permit through the toll-free number. 

Payment Options

24/7 Permit Centre Option

Those who have a GNWT charge account
Clients with an established GNWT charge account may continue to use it for the permit fee.
Those without a GNWT charge account
Those who do not have an established GNWT charge account must pay the permit fee by Visa or MasterCard. Those wishing to set up a charge account with the Government of Northwest Territories may do so by contacting the Department of Finance at (867) 920-3402.

IDMV Online Permit Option

Until August 1st, clients can obtain assistance through the 24/7 Permit Centre at 1-866-225-3505. After August 1st, clients will have to contact the NWT Department of Transportation at 1-866-225-3505 for assistance. All payments for online services are by credit card (Visa, Master, express).

Monthly Fuel Tax Reporters 

Any carriers wishing to become monthly fuel tax reporters may do so by contacting the Department of Finance at (867) 920-3402.  Fuel tax and charge request forms can be filled out and returned to the Department of Finance by following this link  (select form #4 and #5).  

Receipt of Permit in Hard Copy 

Clients who have established charge accounts with the Government of the Northwest Territories will be sent a copy of their permits when invoiced, every month. For those without charge accounts, 24/7 Permitting will send permits by e-mail, fax, or mail. E-mail delivery requires the client to provide 24/7 Permitting with the e-mail address to be used, after which all permits issued to the client will be e-mailed until different instructions are provided.  Clients who do not have an email address can receive their permits by fax or mail upon request.

Contact Information

To provide an email address for receiving permits or to set up a charge account with 24/7 Permitting, call 1-877-737-7786. For general information contact Harris Beaulieu at (867) 767-9088, extension 31181. For IDMV online commercial permitting support call1-866-225-3505.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The following are questions and answers relating to our new 24 hour permit centre:

Q. Why are you establishing a 24 hour permit centre?
A. A 24 hour permit centre will significantly reduce our Highway Transport Officers' administrative duties, allowing them to focus on their primary duties such as conducting commercial vehicle inspections, compliance audits, and enforcement duties to keep the NWT road system safe for all travelers. 
Q. Why are you adding a service fee?   
A. Service fees will be added to registration, over-weight and over-dimensional permits to cover the cost of implementing a 24 hour permit centre.
Q. Why are you not adding a service fee to fuel tax permits?   
A. Service fees cannot be applied to taxes in accordance to government regulations.
Q. What will the 24 hour permit centre offer?   
A. The permit centre will offer permits to operate on NWT highways. The permit will be issued as either a permit number or the physical faxed, mailed, or emailed copy of the permit. Services will be available 24/7, 365 days of the year.
Q. Can I purchase permits at the weigh scales?   

A. The weigh scales will sell over-dimensional permits, special and annual permits, and fuel tax permits. The over-dimensional permits sold by the weigh scales will be those that  meet the following criteria:
•    Width permits that exceed 6.7 m.
•    Weight permits that exceed 80,000 kg.
•    Height permits that exceed 5.2 m.
•    Length permits that exceed 35 m.

Special and annual permits will also be available at the weigh scales including extended train, tridrive, intra-territorial vehicle (hour of service exception), tridrive wagon, lift axle and reverse super B permits. These permits will not be sold through the 24 hour permit centre. Fuel tax permits can be purchased from the 24 hour permit centre and the weigh scales when they are open.

Q. What will the 24 hour permit centre accept for payment?   

A. The permit centre will only accept Visa or MasterCard transactions. Charge accounts can be established with 24/7 Permitting Ltd. of Coutts, Alberta by calling their toll-free number at 1-877-737-7786.
Q. Can I charge the service fee to my Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) account?   
A. No, a GNWT charge account can only be used for the purchase of permits.
Q. Will there be two separate transactions for permits and the service fee?   
A. Yes, permits are collected on behalf of the GNWT and the service fees are collected by the 24 hour permit centre for their service.