Yellowknife Airport Evolution

Airports play a vital role in regional economic development by providing jobs, tax revenue and amenities. The Yellowknife Airport is a significant economic driver for the City of Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories as a whole.

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The Government of the Northwest Territories is proposing some changes to the funding mechanism for the Yellowknife Airport that will make the Airport financially self-sufficient. These changes will enable the Airport to maintain safety and security, improve the traveller experience, and drive economic development, by strengthening connections, capturing opportunities and embracing innovation.

Fore more information, please download the Backgrounder pdf document.

Also available for download are the Governance review of the Yellowknife AirportFinal Economic Impact of the Yellowknife Airport and the Governance and Revenue Generation PowerPoint.

Aeronautical Rates & Charges Review - Yellowknife Airport Report: This Aeronautical Rates and Charges Review provides a market comparison of the current aeronautical rates and charges at Yellowknife Airport with other selected comparable Airports.

The Business Plan for the Yellowknife Airport is now available for download.