Traveller Information

TAXI City Cab (867-873-4444) and Aurora Taxi (867-873-5050) provide services to the airport terminal.  
HOTEL SHUTTLE hotel shuttles are available for the following hotels:
Capital Suites -  (867) 669-6400
Explorer Hotel -  (867) 873-3531
Yellowknife Inn -  (867) 873-2601
PARKING The Yellowknife Airport employs a pay parking system for short-term outdoor parking.  Users receive a ticket when entering the parking lot and pay prior to leaving the lot, inside the terminal.  The parking machine accepts cash and VISA.

The rates are:
First Hour:  No Charge
After First Hour: $1.00 per hour to a maximum of $10 per day
Weekly Rate: $50.00
Monthly Rate:  $150.00

Long-term parking is also available and can be arranged by calling 867-767-9091 ext. 31237 for information. If you are departing from another location on the airport property such as at a charter company's hangar, please consult that company with regard to the availability of parking at that location
FOOD AND RETAIL The Yellowknife Airport has a gift shop, a Quiznos restaurant, and a number of food and beverage vending machines. Additional services are currently being developed. 
CAR RENTALS BudgetNational  and Hertz  have rental locations at the Yellowknife Airport Terminal
SECURITY SCREENING Pre-board security screening is conducted for all passengers boarding flights to major Canadian airports.  Passengers on regional flights are not screened.
WIFI Provided free by Air North and Deton Cho Logistics.